Women’s Health in Katy

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Personalized Care in Katy

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Diagnosis & Treatment

Women’s Health in Katy

We offer a comprehensive range of specialized gynecologic services to fulfill our patients’ OB/GYN needs at any age.

In terms of women’s health, our practice offers a full range of gynecological procedures, including surgery when necessary. The basic goals of gynecological surgery are to detect and cure organ problems in a woman’s reproductive organs, genitourinary and rectal systems, as well as to preserve the gynecological system’s overall health. Among the services provided are:

  • Hysterectomy – Minimally Invasive,
  • Single Port Incision
  • Pelvis copy (Pelvic Laparoscopy)
  • Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery
  • Fistula Surgery
  • Incontinence


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Surgery With Robotic Assist

Dr. ABC provides sophisticated gynecologic treatment options, including the da Vinci® S Robotic System. This medical device translates an experienced surgeon’s wrist, hand, and finger motions into accurate micro-instrument manipulation during surgery.

Patients who have robotic-assisted surgery benefit from all of the advantages of a minimally invasive operation, such as reduced discomfort, less loss of blood, and the requirement for blood transfusions. Furthermore, the da Vinci® System can result in a shorter hospital stay, a faster recovery, and a quicker resumption to routine activities.

OB/GYN Care By Experts

Basic services such as general gynecologic care, examinations, and pre and post-pregnancy care are available at our Katy facility. We can also assist patients with more complex issues such as pelvic pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, endometriosis, infertility evaluation, fibroids, and other Ob-Gyn concerns.